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Summertime Favorites from Surf Bazaar's Bethany Mayer

Cocktail + Bar: Crows Nest is the best bar and love their Watermelon Cooler cocktail (fresh watermelon juice, mint and vodka)

Dish + Restaurant: Duryeas and their Lobster roll

Hotel: Surf Lodge of Course!

Spa or Beauty Indulgence: Tracy Anderson is my indulgence… beauty with a toned heathy body!  Otherwise I am a simple girl and use Dr. Haushka bronzing lotion and rosewater spray as a refresher on a hot summer day.

Beach Spot: Gin Beach for the kids, EOTR for surfing… stands for “end of the road” and is my local neighborhood spot

Accessory: A Ryan Roche straw hat

Read: Deep by James Nestor

Must Buy from Surf Bazaar: Embroidered Harem Pants!

Surf Bazaar @ The Surf Lodge  (May-September only) 183 South Edgemere St Montauk NY 

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